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Are you tired of downtime and costly repairs for your semi-truck? Look no further! Our extensive selection of semi-truck parts are engineered to deliver reliable performance mile after mile. From engines to transmissions and everything in between, USA 1 Diesel is here to help.

USA 1 DIESEL has well over 1000 items on inventory to cover all your needs 

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Oils and Filters

DELO 400

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An API CK-4 heavy duty engine oil specifically formulated for 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG 17) compliant diesel engines designed for lower emissions and improved fuel economy. Fully compatible with previous engines and oil categories.

Mystic JT-8

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This value-added synthetic blend engine oil has a carefully balanced additive system and premium base stock that gives outstanding deposit control. Recommended for commercial on-highway fleets, construction equipment, buses and automobiles.

Service Pro

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These premium gear oils are compounded with highly refined base stocks and additives to ensure extreme pressure characteristics, anti-wear, corrosion inhibition, rust prevention, low pour point, and anti-foaming performance. They are fully formulated for limited slip differentials.


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Luber-finer® provides premium filtration solutions for fleets operating vehicles on-highway as well as for off-road applications such as heavy construction, mining, agriculture, the oil and gas industry, and marine.


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Baldwin Filters offers an extensive selection of lube, air, fuel, hydraulic, coolant and transmission filters for the trucking, construction, mining, agricultural, marine and mobile power generation industries.


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FRAM offers a diverse range of heavy-duty oil filters, diesel fuel filters, cabin air filters, hydraulic filters, and coolant filters, are designed to optimize performance, extend vehicle lifespan, and reduce fleet maintenance costs.

Airsprings and Shocks



HD Value


A/C System and Compressors

UAC/Sanden SD7HD15

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  • Model SD7H15
  • Kenworth 77-10
  • Peterbilt 80-10
  • BM 00119C Universal Air
  • Blower Motor – Conditioner HVAC
  • International- Blower Motor

OMEGA 20-04816-AM

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  • Omega Part No.: 20-04816-AM
  • Aftermarket Part No.: 4544, 4816
  • MEI Part No.: 5348QS
  • Truck-Air Part No.: 03-0802
  • Red Dot Part No.: 75R81292, 75R-81292, 75R-81292Q, RD-5-11250
  • Alliance Part No.: ABP N83 304314
  • Bergstrom Part No.: 526353
  • Coolstar/Caterpillar Part No.: 330-2364, 330-2384
  • International Part No.: 48166000, 3547917-C1, 3547917-C91, 3628700-C1
  • Kysor Part No.: 1410046
  • Sanden Part No.: 4816
  • Sterling Part No.: 4C4Z-19703A
  • Compressor Type: Sanden 
  • Compressor Model: SD7H15 
  • Clutch Diameter: 119mm 
  • Grooves: 8
  • Voltage: 12V 
  • Oil Type: PAG 100
  • Oil Oz.: 10.1
  • Compressor Mount: Direct
  • Compressor Fitting: Pad

OMEGA 33-31953 Blower Resistor

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  • 4 Speed 4 Terminals
  • 12 Volt

PTAC7160 PrimaTech A/C

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Receiver Drier

MT1253 Blower Switch

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  • Rotary Fan
  • 3 Speed 4 Positions
  • 5 Spin

MT1253 Blower Switch

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  • Washer Assortment
  • Sealing Washer Box Kit


Automann 577.3010 Ignition Starter Switch

Automann 577.3002 Toggle Switch On-Off

Automann 572.2014 Radiator Cap 10lb

Automann 572.2026 Radiator Cap 15lb

Automann 178.2540 5-pin Relay

Automann 577.62504 Speed Tach Sensor

MT-1915 Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch

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  • Normally- Open
  • Closed- 44 PSI
  • Open- 21 PSI

MT1639 Low Pressure Cut Off Switch

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  • Normally- Open
  • Closed- 44 PSI
  • Open- 21 PSI


Automann 577.A5336 ABS Sensor

Ideal Brake Shoes S/M/L

Exterior Lighting

United Pacific 37090 – 23 LED/Red

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Reflector Light Bar

United Pacific 37089 – 23 LED/Amber

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Reflector Light Bar

United Pacific 39703-19 LED Oval Reflector

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S/T/T Light

Interior Accessories

United Pacific 88217 4 Spoke Steering Wheel

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4-Spoke Steering Wheel Available in different colors and finishes

United Pacific 88222 3 Spoke Steering Wheel

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3-Spoke Steering Wheel Available in different colors and finishes


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